Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snot Happening

The 5 pm deadline for Northampton came and went and I did not sign up. I think that the lack of a day of registration option was a sign that I should rest this weekend.

Northampton is such a great event and I hate to miss it but I am completely wiped out. 

Looks like I'll be racing Plymouth to make up for it!


gewilli said...

get better matt - we'll miss ya but you're doing the right thing!

G-ride said...

yah, cause that is one less guy in front of US, thanks very much. My cross results points suffered from racing 3's instead of A masters last weekend. Ring got ahead of me. I have to correct that.

If you could call all your fast buddies and get them to bail as well, that would be swell. Or better yet, kiss them on the lips, really wet like, and then cough on them. Yah. That would be super.