Monday, October 12, 2015

Important things

Twitter has slayed the blogging dragon. Damn shame too, I used to like to write in this spot. The ability to deliver snark in neat little messages, directly at the intended recipient is a strong drug, and I've get a Jones for it. Sorry readers.

So here we are two years on from the last post. Much has changed and in that, nothing has changed. The evolution is always offering up something new to process, some new challenge to consider, but there is always processing and considering to be done.

CX (racing) is taking a back seat this year for a long list of reasons too boring for me to write or for you to read. I want to want to (not a typo) race a more "complete" schedule, but I don't want to yet. Know what I'm sayin'? So I ride. In the woods with the dog mostly, and that's dandy. She's a 3 season trail dog: fall, winter, and spring. Completely useless in the summertime, it's just too hot. I've almost killed her twice, maybe three times by having her out when it was two warm. Like us, she hates the humidity. Learning process.

Parenting is getting harder, which seems unfair after 13 already pretty difficult years of it. Maybe we worry too much but they really are great kids and we don't to screw up now.

Hey if you come across this let me know. Wondering if I should pick this back up.