Sunday, January 27, 2008

I don't want to know...

...who won cross worlds. I'm hoping to catch a replay on tomorrow so if you read this, know who won the race and speak to me with regularity please zip it.

Addition update: I've worn my fingers raw working on the addition over the past two weeks. Not one ride or run in that time. The floor is done and looks great. The fireplace is tiled but no grout yet. The mantel is waiting for the tile to be finished. I'm behind where I wanted to be but I still have time. Most importantly, the tv is in and it is spectacular.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Would you all agree that CamelCase is one of if not the greatest gift that technology has made in the past 15 years to mainstream media?

To provide inspiration sufficient enough to get me to finally complete our 5 year long home addition project, I invited a bunch of people over for the superbowl. Turns out that the Patriots will be playing, so that's nice. The invite went out two weeks ago and in that time I've hung & trimmed one french door and completed the wood floor installation. I've got 12 days to build, install and paint a mantel as well as all the baseboard trim. It will be tight.

Oh, I've also got to seal the deal and buy this TV here.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

then and now

Cross season ended 4 weeks ago and I've not had much time to get on the bike. Visibly fatter? Yup. I'm signed up for Boston so I have been running a bit. I hate running, but the marathon is that good I can;t resist when presented with an opportunity to race without having to qualify. It ain't the best base building for cross, but it will keep me off the bike enough that I won't have to worry about burn out come mid-August. Say a quick prayer that my IT band behaves for the next 16 weeks.

The holidays were great and while I'm dissappointed I put on a few lbs I should be grateful I didn't gain more in light of the opportunities that presented themselves to me. So let's do the obligatory recap of 2007...

We lost Ali's mom Marcia, which still seems unreal. The first Christmas without her was hard on the family for sure, it was by far her favorite time of the year.

CJ & Cory started school, with CJ into full day kindergarten this year. They are really doing well and showing that they get their smarts from their Mom.

The PMC was a big part of the first half of 2007 for us. In memory of Marcia and my aunt Judy, it was such a great ride and powerful experience.

Cross was a mixed blessing. I suffered two fairly serious injuries, but only missed one race and was working at about 85% for 6 others or so. I also discovered the secret cross weapon part way through the season and will be using that weapon for the complete racing calendar next year.

In 2008, I'm hoping for continued success with the PMC and for good health for all of our friends and families. Everything else is gravy.

Hug your kids.