Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Would you all agree that CamelCase is one of if not the greatest gift that technology has made in the past 15 years to mainstream media?

To provide inspiration sufficient enough to get me to finally complete our 5 year long home addition project, I invited a bunch of people over for the superbowl. Turns out that the Patriots will be playing, so that's nice. The invite went out two weeks ago and in that time I've hung & trimmed one french door and completed the wood floor installation. I've got 12 days to build, install and paint a mantel as well as all the baseboard trim. It will be tight.

Oh, I've also got to seal the deal and buy this TV here.


teaffe said...

hmmm, invite went out 2 weeks ago....I guess our mail is slow

Yash Katsumi said...

Do you mean time is tight, or your Setup will be TIGHT?

matt said...

ahhh both.

Anonymous said...

Stealing images and bandwidth from other sites is considered bad form. This time you get a warning, next time I'll put a virus in the image and you can explain the reason to your site visitors.