Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow Recovery

This house is packed with germs. Someone has been ill... seriously ill... with the flu for 14 days in this house. I finally emerged through the clouds yesterday at around 3 pm. Thought I was alright on Monday but only on Tuesday did I realize that I was just "better" and not "healthy" on Monday.

Ali is out right now fighting round two against this thing and the kids seem to be ok.

Hopefully this scourge lifts and we can get back to important stuff, like driving 2+ hours to some frozen cyclocross venue, racing for 45 minutes, then coming home having wasted the entire day.

Love it.


Anonymous said...

Now yer talkin. Hope to see ya soon.


matt said...

I've ridden 3x in 2 days and the legs feel so fresh it is scary. Hopefully "fast" fresh and not "sleepy" fresh.

See you soon.

NVdK said...

Yea, but it's the good kind of wasting a day. Hope you feel better soon.

gewilli said...

no Lowell for you this weekend?

matt said...

no pre reg for lowell... I'll be there.