Thursday, November 5, 2009

NoGo for Noho?

File this under the grass isn't always greener. Gaining Verge points has been a goal of mine for the past few years, and thanks to a slight modification in the rules (points down to 25th and not just 15th) I've got some. When I didn't have points I would register the moment that a race opened up to be sure I was as high up the starting grid as possible. Now that I have points and my starting position is secure, I've been slacking on signing up for races. That includes Northampton, which closes for registration today at 5 pm.

Now I'm sick, and wondering whether or not I should even bother signing up. My kids have had the SWINE FLU for a week and I've had some coughing but today it all came to a head. Stuffed nose, general aches, sore throat, heavy cough, and a pounding headache. Ali is sick too, we are watching Iron Eagle on TV (we both knew the name of the movie and that Louis Gossett Jr. was in it without seeing him) and sipping tea. 

If I didn't have points, I would have been signed up already. I would simply HTFU and go. No I have an out. What to do...

On the way in to work yesterday I figured out what to get Gewilli for Christmas/Chanukah...


G-ride said...

bummer. i am scared to leave the house, and dont have to, so...i dont.

I have my kids germexing 24/7. I have bottles i can clip to their belt loops so they can do it all day (they are into it).

They both have a cold right now, but no temp or anything so I think we are hanging in there.

All our school vac. clinics were cancelled, and its still weeks on a waiting list to get a vaccination.

gewilli said...

Thanks - nice touch... I'm proud of that DFL!

and it would be christmas... the holiday with the big fat dude who eats my damn cookies