Friday, February 13, 2009


It's been a while, too long really, since I've added anything meaningful here. Colin's right... without races to report on, there isn't much exciting stuff to post on.

I'm doing the Ironman in Lake Placid NY this summer, and training is well underway for that, so I'll update my training progress here for that. I've been focusing on running, which will be where that race gets difficult. I'll be fresh for the swim and the bike shouldn't be a problem for me at all, but that run is going to be killer. Starting a marathon after being on the bike for around 6 hours? I am not looking forward to that at all.

We've been skiing with the kids several times at Wachusett Mtn, a great place to start but a mountain that even a beginner (like me) can soon outgrow. I got spoiled by Stowe last month... That is what a ski resort should be.

Time for work. I put fenders on the Zank cross bike. That's like putting spinner hub caps on a mercedes, but they are so effective at keeping the melting snow and dirt off me that I don't care.


G-ride said...

i still can't believe you are doing that. Having ridden a century (bah, who hasn't) and run a marathon (ok somewhat fewer people) I can honestly say, how the heck do you do BOTH in a row. Oh, and you swim too.


You need to Soften the Eff Up. I will get you a bracelet. STFU

matt said...

It's inly 2.4 miles of swimming... not so bad. Should be the shortest 13 hours of my life.

STFU... funny.

G-ride said...

its only 2.4 miles of swimming?!? are you for real right now? AND you are going to ride a century, and THEN run a freaking marathon? You have amazing powers of self-delusion.

Not to discourage you (that would be for Nega-Coach), but WTF dude!

I would be so impressed with myself for the rest of my life if I could do that. I am still basking in my being able to run a marathon in under 3:30, and that was in 1998. And I about died in the last 4 miles.

You are a stud for even CONSIDERING this...its all downhill from here.

Yash Katsumi said...

I bet the Zank looked pretty awesome with the fenders.

Currently I am very fascinated with road bikes with enough tire clearance to accept a full fender and fat tires.