Saturday, August 2, 2008


Two days ago I was reading my friend Scott's journal. What an amazing adventure he's having riding across the country from Vancouver BC, into the Pac NW and then due East across the heartland. Equipped with only a small trailer of gear and his natural charm, he's experiencing much more than a couple of thousand of miles of top quality USA asphalt. He left sometime in early June and has been solo the entire time, putting in 120+ miles on the average day. As of Wednesday morning he I knew he was somewhere in Indiana or Ohio. 

Knowing that our friends the Zanconato's were driving West this week to spend a year in Wisconsin, I emailed Scott and suggested he should call Zank as they may be crossing paths that day. 

Scott wrote back that he would try Zank's cell. He was at that moment enjoying breakfast at this IHOP

I then called Zank to find out how the trip was going and to mention that he should call Rosey. He said he'd call Scott right after we got off the phone.

Mike and Rebecca were having coffee at this Dunkin Donuts.

They got in touch and had breakfast together. Scott had been having rear wheel problems on this trip, a cracked rim was replaced with a cheapo that wasn't doing much better, and more broken spokes had resulted earlier this week.  At our last get together with the Zanconato's before they left, Mr. Kenny delivered Rebecca's recently repaired rear wheel, but not in time to get it into their portable moving unit, meaning it was the only bike part stuffed into their car.

Of course the wheel was compatible with Scott's relatively unique Campy drivetrain, so now that wheel's journey to Wisconsin has been postponed as it is now helping Scott get back to Massachusetts.

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