Thursday, July 31, 2008


"She's been busy..." Alison says to me from the top of the stairs as I head up to bed last night. What did Cory do now I wonder? Pull all the books from here book case to sit there and read them in the dark? Go through her entire wardrobe for a late night solo fashion show? When that kid gets a decent nap as she did yesterday on the ride home from the beach she doesn't fall asleep so quickly, and though she isn't fussy or constantly calling out for Mom and Dad when that happens, she doesn't just lay there in the dark.

All that was missing from her room was that creepy Clown, the snowy TV, and that little person who would declare your house clean. Every one of Cory's stuffed animals and dolls, each with their own separate pillow and blanket, had been put to sleep in different spots across the room. 

The flash from the camera didn't wake her up... perhaps she was tired from all of the activity.

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CXRACER said...

VERY funny, I have seen this before from our 4 yr old. They love to put to bed their stuffed animals, perhaps (my theory anyway) it is a sign of great parenting when our kids take the care to settle down gently thier stuffed friends! Nice.