Saturday, April 28, 2007

the marathon, the weather, my training and fundraising

Two weeks ago we hosted a couple of friends from Puerto Rico (not those guys, two others) who were up to run the Boston Marathon. The weather was terrible, especially for warm climate Puerto Ricans running their first full marathon, but they both finished in pretty good shape and hopefully had a good visit.

It seems as though Europe has been getting our spring and we got theirs. The weather for Paris Roubaix was hot and dry while we were wet and cold. This past week was a bit better, but here we are again looking at 3-4 days with possible showers in teh forecast. Got to ride through it though, no time to sit on the sidelines and wait for dry roads.

The PMC effort is in full gallop: the donations are still coming in, the training is going great, and the event planning is well underway. There will be a golf outing on July 23rd at the Montaup Country Club in Portsmouth, RI. Entry will most likely be $100. As for the PMC ride itself, I'll be starting my PMC weekend a day early on Friday August 3rd in West SPringfield at the Azadan's house. I'll ride that day to Sturbridge and crash at a friends house there, then get up early and ride over to the offical PMC start. I figured that starting in West Springfield and finishing in P-Town would be more meaningful with respect to my Aunt Judy's memory.

More again soon.

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