Saturday, April 21, 2007

c'est manifique! Comfortable! Very mooch like, how you say, un lay-zee-boi?

Jimmy Caspar's Gent-Wevelgem ended with a spectacular face plant. He's taking a quick breather in the photo above, probably wondering if the Unibet dental plan covers lip and tounge repair. The French Sprinter was kind enough to give a quick interview just before the medics strapped him to the board:

AP: Jimmy, tell me how this happened!
JC: Well, I wuz juust riding along and out of nowhere dis watair bottel come flying out and made the ground wet, you know, and I um sort of slipped on the tires, you know and make sort of smoochy face with these orrible pebbles.

AP: Jimmy, you look to be severely injured. Do you think that the race organizers purpously made the field travel this treacherous road in hopes that one or more Unibet riders would crash and the team would ultimately have to withdraw from the Pro Tour series, ending the season long feud between the UCI & the grand tour promoters?
JC: I do not know of such things, I would hope that they wood consider paving dis road before next year's race. Now I know why Oscar (Friere) prefers to watch from home during Paris-Roubaix, he is smarter than I thought.

AP: Thanks Jimmy, and speedy recovery.
JC: Merci! Please watch where you stand, I ah lost a contact in de fall.

Three great classics in a weeks time: Tour of Flanders, Gent=Wevelgem & Paris Roubaix. Thank heaven for! Something like 4 hours of uninterupted coverage for each one. The cobblestones define these races, and the PR trophy says it all...

More on the marathon, the weather, my training and fundraising in another post coming soon.

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