Thursday, March 22, 2007

owl or hawk?

Cory spotted this bird today sitting on the playset. It's body & tail look like an owls, but the face looks like a hawk. What do you think? I say hawk.

The warm weather has been great. I've been able to ride to work every day so far this week, these base miles are going to make the PMC much easier. I'm trying to convince a few friends to join me in a long ride sometime early this summer, from Westfield MA to Dennis MA, about 160 miles by our estimation. It'll be two days I think, but who knows, maybe we'll pull it off in just one. I've turned a cross bike into my commuter and after struggling with a messenger bag to carry my stuff into work for two years I broke down and installed a rack over the rear wheel. It isn't even close to sexy, but man it is functional! I (hate to admit this in such a public forum but I can't deny the truth: I) love it.

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