Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh... and one more thing.

This here blog is no high-frequency site like others out there but it was interesting to see how much traffic the prior post generated.

I've got one more PRO tip for anyone racing Purgatory tomorrow that happens across this post. It's a safety concern and I'd feel awful bad if someone got hurt if I didn't post these pictures.

I mentioned before that Barnett Rd. is flat for about one kilometer and then it descends before you hit what I called "Hill #1." That little descent is narrow, fast, and nearly totally blind. A Cat 4 field with 100 riders in it is not going to resist the urge to take up the entire road here.

Here's what it looks like.

Look again... notice the car lurking around the corner?

This is 10 meters further down the road and you are suddenly 20 meters from a car taking up about half of the road way.

This sexy little 1996 Corolla Wagon is my ride of choice, and since I was also taking photos I had to park it to show this section. It is therefore not moving, but still sneaks up on the unsuspecting rider. Now imagine it's race day (tomorrow) a instead of this little love machine a big pick up truck towing a bass boat is coming through this part just as your field gets there...
I'm just saying, please watch out.

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