Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my daughter's father

Two weeks ago Cory got off the bus wearing a polka-dot skirt and matching pink shirt. This may not seem unusual, unless you knew for sure that she got on the bus that morning wearing a purple dress with white flowers on it. Kindergarten is an exciting place, but not somewhere you'd expect your 5 year old to come home from wearing someone else's clothes.

Halfway up the driveway and overcome with curiosity, the question had to be asked: "Cory, weren't you wearing a purple dress this morning?"

She answered matter of factly: "Yes I was. I had this (she tugs at the hem of her polka dot skirt) on underneath. The purple dress was my morning outfit, this was my afternoon outfit. I made sure I was wearing shoes that matched both. The purple dress is in my backpack."

Lord please help us... and send money.


G-ride said...

oh my. Benji is picky about his clothes and always spends a lot of time selecting stuff that matches. He insists on wearing some kind of "shiny shirt" all summer. Shiny shirts, if you dont know, are the ones out of some sort of sports material. I have to stack them separately for him in his closet.

On the flip side, we have to MAKE Noah where "other than sport pants" which of course are non-shiny pants. I wont abide him going to school everyday in some variant of a track suit.

Not girls, but still a lot of work. I do not envy the potential angst of overseeing and approving girly outfits for 18 years. Oh boy.

gewilli said...

Thankfully we've got Uniforms for school...




Cathy said...

Ingenious! I love her resourcefulness and thinking ahead. You should be proud ;)

matt said...

hi Cathy! I am proud, she's really sharp and very observant. If it wasn't for the occasional instant meltdowns and dimunitive stature, you'd swear she was 18 already.

It's not about the clothes GeWilli... it's the personality that would lead to that line of thinking that has me worried.

G-ride said...

exactly! benji puts waaaay too much time and energy into outfit selection. currently he has to come into our room every morning and get a ruling on what length of pant/shirt and quantity of layers he should wear for the day, and socks/shoes or sandals.

Normally he wears or brings his "coaches jacket" to school for the extra layering versatility, and will often skip the long sleeve T in order to be able to wear the prized coaches jacket, which is a blue zip top warm up jacket with the tidy double white sleeve stripe, just like the Cheerios coach on Glee. Its tight.

Then their is the wearing of the bike helmet indoors/outdoors/traveling/at meals, etc. Not sure how to address that one.

The activity in the their little brains can be unsettling to adults!

EyeBob said...

Great story,

G, but don't you spend too much time matching your kits too? U used to, at least with the ATMO gear.