Sunday, November 1, 2009

Downeast Cyclocross Day 2: 10.25.06

I'm behind here.. I raced Putney today but have yet to post about day 2 in Maine. This will be quick, let's try bullet points:

-Staying close to the venue is way better than driving home. Thanks again John & Sara Meerse
-The sun was out and it was a beautiful fall day
-The mud was still the story of the race
-Running the course in the opposite direction on the second day of racing is weak
-I started well, but the thickness of the mud was demoralizing
-JONNY BOLD! and I got into it a bit on the first descent when he took exception to some light banter I was having with Jon Bernhard about Jon's choice of lines through the woods
-As far as I'm concerned, you don't get to podium every race and tell the pigs like me at the back of the race what to do
-I rode the first up hill while others ran and lost lots of places, demoralizing me further
-A bobble on the off camber near the pit and that was it... I was mentally done with this course
-The slogging continued for another 40 minutes
-I nearly got lapped
-I finished 17th

No pictures for this one, I need to speak to my official photographer.

Putney report soon.


G-ride said...

That was YOU! You face the WRATH OF BOLD and survived! I am proud of you man.

Now, seriously, STOP F*&^%ING TALKING!

Booksy said...

Never enough talking, in my opinion. Everybody LIGHTEN UP!

Anonymous said...

A couple more posts like these and I'll be glad that I have to sit out the year. Don't listen to the blowhards out there.Just give them a elbow.