Friday, June 12, 2009



it's game 7

just stay home if you're going to put in that kind of effort.

I'm calling out Brad Stewart. He sucked right from the drop of the puck. He was 100% @ fault for goal #1 and 50% for goal #2, sharing the honor with Hudler.

Rafalski, Lebda and yeah, even Lidstrom weren't much better.

I saw Zetterberg and Hossa on the ice after the game, prior to that it wasn't clear that they were even playing.

That was awful.

I'm happy for Pittsburg because as a hockey fan I'm glad that a team that wanted it went out there and got it.

Good job Pens!

DRWs need to take a long look in the mirror.

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EyeBob said...

Yeah, but that was some of the best hockey yur gonna see.

You can't NOT be happy for the Pens. To think how close they were to getting sold and shipped off somewhere else.