Monday, March 30, 2009

keg stands

It's been years since I last did a keg stand. My father had never done one, didn't even know what it was in fact.

Until Saturday night.

My mom threw a surprise party for my dad who turned 65 today. As the party was dying down my cousin commented that there was still a lot of beer in the keg he had brought. I jokingly suggested we do keg stands to draw it down a bit. One of my dad's co-worker leapt up in excitement, all to willing to take the first pull. He was a big guy, came to the icy keg brimming with experience, and posted a strong 18 count. 

I was leading the remaining guests in goading dad to mount up, but like an animal backed into a corner he lashed out, challenging me to get on the tap since I was yapping the most. Seeing no alternative way to get him to give it a go, I got on the keg for a solid 12, though the counting got off to a very slow start. I'm going to award myself a 15. Probably no more that the equivalent of a single pint of beer, but consumed in a way that took me back at least 15 years.

So it was Dad's turn. We reviewed the protocol and hoisted him skyward. I had the honor of holding the spigot and watched the old man take a nice long pull. The count: a perfect 10.

With the keg drinking over, we stayed up late, chatting about airplane radios and flying in general, his favorite past time. It was a great party and nice to see so many of his friends and family come out to celebrate.

Cheers Papa Al. Here's to many more birthdays in the future... and no more keg stands, I promise.


Bobby said...

I bet you it took you back to your UNH days....Tell your Dad I said Happy 65th...

matt said...

We had a 30' bar with taps and a built in refrigeration system at UNH, nothing but the best. We left keg stands for the smaller State College kids.

Summers... were a different story.