Monday, November 24, 2008

Accelerated Cure Cyclocross: 11.23.08

Charlie and Cory have been singing in the Cherub Choir at Sutton First Congregational Church

They had a short performance this past Sunday which meant I could only race the elite race in Easthampton

I said "oh nooo!!!" when I heard that I'd be racing Gavin Mannion, Al Donahue, Justin Lindine, and a host of other fast dudes

Ali laughed at me

I rode the sand on lap two while in 8th place or so.

I flatted shortly after this and finished one lap down after mailing it in for the day.


rosey said...

it was a pretty fun course despite the frigid temperatures. too bad about the puncture and about having to race against the big boys (er, little kids...)

G-ride said...

bah, you should have done fine. Too bad about the expensive tire, of course.

That was a fun race. I mailed it in from the gun. Not sure why.

Anonymous said...

thanks for coming out - sorry about the bad luck.