Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the kid's got skills

After my race on Sunday it was raining and Charlie told that me he didn't want to do the kids race. I didn't bother getting him registered and kind of forgot all about it. Just before the elites went off they announced that the kids race was starting in five minutes and Charlie said to me "Let's go Dad!" Awww cr@p! Time to move!!! 

We hustle to registration and they tell us that the race is already starting, so I sweep him straight out the door and tell him to just jump into the race and tell the guy running the show that his number is under his jacket. I know I shouldn't teach him to lie like that, but the kid needs to get some street smarts in him.

So started his first bandit race. He missed the first lap but the other kids were more than willing to go around several more times. 

The track was greasy but he handled it really well and he had a blast. We forgot his helmet so he had to use my stinky sweaty one. Gross.


G-ride said...

nice! that is actually technical!

at coyote hill this summer, I forgot MY helmet and had to use Noah's sweaty gross one after HIS race.

Luckily we have the same size head so his helmet is my old one anyway...

Maybe I should bring Benjis bike. He is 4, that is not too early is it? Throw him in the deep end a the Verge series...just like dad.

mara said...

yeah charlie!!!!!!!! way to go!!!!!
pretty soon you'll be beating dad!
seamus and mckenna say hi!
take care
mara (a.k.a. "lappin")

EyeBob said...

sweet pics.

that course is pretty technical for the youngn's

good stuff.