Tuesday, May 13, 2008

movies I never have seen

For many a year, one of my claims to fame was that I had never seen The Wizard of Oz. I never thought it to be a big deal as a kid, I didn't really know what all the fuss was about but as I approached young adulthood people seemed more and more facinated bW the fact that I had never seen it. Whenever the discussion turned to things Oz I always took the opportunity to hijack the conversation with my somewhat unique perspective: that of a Oz neophyte. It didn't take me long to figure out that I could leverage the situation to my advantage by turning the discussion to my incomplete childhood as I certainly could not share rememberances of Dorothy, the monkeys or the Ommpaloompas. It was much easier just to make it all about me.

I still haven't seen it, but people don't seem to care as much.

No Charlie and the Chocolate Factory either.


mara said...


big shanty said...


You have an aversion to midgets in costume. Me too. I haven't seen those movies either!

big shanty
Seattle, WA

Andrew Salmon said...

midget tossing was ranked number one in the "up and comming recreations for bachlor parties in 2007" ... i think that matt will be able to see W..OZ II soon!

josh said...

matt...you are a great guy. however until further notice (you seeing the movie) I can't talk to you. I was raised in a household that no joke worshiped OZ. We might have been affiliated with one of the various religions, but OZ reigned supreme.

EVERYTHING relates back to the wizard of OZ. screw that 6 degrees of separation b.s.