Thursday, April 24, 2008


I called a friend the other day who I hadn't heard from in a few months. This person said "I check your blog every day... keep writing."

Kind of defeats the purpose of having friends if all of your communication with them is through this medium.

I'm having difficulty figuring out who my audience is here, so the updates aren't flowing these days.

Blog entries started and stopped in the past few weeks:

My America
The Stanley Cup
Made in China
Boston Marathon Interrupted
My Knee Hurts
What is Wrong with People?

So until I figure out the direction I want to take these topics and who I want them to speak to, these are the sorts of updates you'll get.

Cross season is 4.5 months away and I'm way ahead in the equipment dept this year. Get up for it.


gewilli said...

i read...

isn't that enough to spur you to write?

where do you think i draw my inspiration from?

my butt? (while it might seem like that it is only the place I resort to when my friends don't provide good key words that start me thinking)

hmmm - thinking = my kryptonite... don't get me thinking in cross - or wait - if you are racing against me that's a good way to 100% assure that i finish behind you...

just write man... just write!

Robert said...

Maybe you could do some racing. That'd be something to write about.