Thursday, October 11, 2007


the new england worlds are this weekend... two huge races in gloucester, ma that kick of the heart of the ne cyclocross season. sucker brook was the first real race, this is our daytona 500. but will i be able to go?

the ankle feels much better. most of the time, there is no pain. this can be a bad thing, as i tend to forget that i have an injury and will do something to fast or too intense, at which time the pain returns. i'm pretty sure that i'll race this weekend if it is dry, taking great care while running, but if it is wet i'm out. soggy ground and a grumpy ankle won't mix well together. either way, it will be nice to be there... the fields are already 100+ riders deep. Gloucester truly is the biggest race around.

see you up there.

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Robert said...


I'm waiting for the weekend recap!

C'mon, I saw your results (vury nice) but I want the back-story.