Sunday, August 12, 2007

That's "Mr. 30-39 men's sport Mass State Champion" to you...

Funny thing. Last night I decided to enter my first mtn bike race. I've been mtn biking since 1994 but never did a race. Long story short, the race was local (7 miles or so away) and was the Massachusetts State Championships. After a good start, two guys rode away and I ended up third. They were from CT, leaving me the first MA finisher. It was hot, dusty and very hard. One hour, 22 minutes w/an average HR of 173.

I'm having business cards made up tomorrow.

My buddy Zank didn't fare as well, he crashed half way through lap 2 of 3 and pulled out. I feel bad because I kind of guilted him into racing: today was supposed to be his day off.


zank said...

Congrats, Mr. State Champion!

Don't feel bad for me. I'm a big boy. I can take responsibility for my decisions. It's all good.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Thats sweet, congrats