Monday, March 5, 2007

there is no chain

ooooooh... today's ride home was *fantastic*. I had to check for a chain afterwards, it didn't feel like there was one on there at all. I was pushing the 53/16 the whole way and it felt effortless. It was super windy out to. Strange because my legs were heavy on the way in and sore all day from Saturday's run. The bike guys over at Trek Stop will cringe when they see this picture: I'm pretty sure that any more than 5 or 6 nanograms of sand per square inch is out of spec for the oclv Treks. At least it gets used, so if you're reading this Gerry just think of it as job security.

So what is the likely explination for the good feeling in the legs? There's no question that a major factor is the fact that I'm more than half way to raising the required $3,600 for the PMC, with 6 months to go before the ride. I'm fortunate to know so many generous people who share a desire to do something about cancer. Your donations have made a difference! I've told so many people that I didn't solicit about your generosity, and I've seen them react with suprise and admiration. Your committment to this worthy cause has not gone unoticed or unappreciated.

Faith in humanity: restored. Thank you.

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