Wednesday, February 28, 2007

when did something that cost $250 become a disposable appliance? On my ride to work I brought my digital camera to take some pictures of the lakes and snow covered trees along the route. The sun was just coming up over Manchaug Lake, and there was this groovy weird fog sitting on the snow covered ice: it looked like there was a 10 foot high blizzard hovering over the lake. Camera out and... nothin'. E18. Try again... E18. What the hell is E18?

At work I google Canon E18 and find thousands of hits, including one to a site called When someone goes through the trouble of registering and paying for a domain name like that, you knew you've got trouble. Apparently, E18 is akin to a death sentence for canon cameras, the $150 repair hardly worth it on the $250 camera. I really despise thinking that I have to replace this thing. What did we all do before all of this gratituous technology? How did we survive?

Anyway, I got it to work and took this shot on the way home, the fog was gone though. Damn.

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