Tuesday, February 20, 2007

PMC update & a big I told ya so!

The donations are starting to come in, I want to thank all of you for your generosity. I'm struggling as to when to send out thank you notes, but rest assured you'll get them. The warm weather allowed me to ride in to work today, there is no better way to start and end the work day. Much better than being on the rollersor a trainer, those just suck. I'm trying to justify some of this time off the bike as a necessary recovery period.

the latest chapter in the incredible world of pro cycling unfolded yesterday as I was writing the post about how this crazy the sport can be. There was a crash with 9km to go in the first stage of the tour of california that caught some of the favorites and broke the field in half. The officials at the race decided to give everyone the same overall time even though the second half of the field rolled in about 2 minutes after the first. The stated rules allow officials to grant everyone in the main group the same time if there is a crash inside the last 3km of a flat stage because that is when the big boys come to the front to prepare for the very dangerous sprint to the line. It is a good rule: there is no need to make it more dangerous than necessary at the end of a race, but to do it with 9km to go is unprecidented. Imagine the umpires at a red sox game declaring the last 4 innings of a game irrelevant to the final score because the starting pitcher took a line drive off the shin. The toc is now little more than a sham.

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