Thursday, February 15, 2007

ice capades

We live on a hill, or up a hill, 350' off the road. I've heard "that driveway must be a bitch in the winter!" from everyone that has ever visited. My all too proud response is usually something like "yeah, it was tough for the first two years, we didn't have a snowblower and would try and shovel before the snow was finished or wouldn't let the sun help melt it. Now, I'm a pro, I've always got the cleanest driveway on the street. I've got 5 different words for snow, like the eskimos."

Make it six. I was humbled last night. I ignored the weatherman's warning to get the snow removed last night and left the 4 inches of snow for this morning. It was supposed to snow more overnight and I despise clearing that monster driveway more than once per storm. So at 5:30 am, ready to start clearing, I walked out the garage and onto the snow. That's right... onto it. The enorimty of the task ahead of me instantly hit me like a ton of bricks. Some quick math and I figured this would be no less than a 2 hour job. Three hours later, I had chipped, chiseled, scraped and shoveled the entire thing down to bare asphalt. I'm exhausted and heading to be early, but at least I have the cleanest driveway on the street ;)

The kids got to do some sleding today with Ali. Charlie declared today as the best day of his life and Cory got to use the portable training potty while sitting in the front seat of the 4runner. Good times...

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mara Lappin said...

i think cory using the potty in the 4-runner is even more impressive than your driveway go girl!